Mazk Gang


MAZK GANG is a story about 6 different gangs who compete with each other for power and control over the MAZK LAND.



The lords of the jungle

The lion mazk gang is ruthless, but they care about their pals and defend their turf by attacking intruders. They are free spirits that don't trust easily and don't like to interfere with anyone else. Other gangs call them "Dirty Paws" 🐾

They are known for their strength and destructive fighting moves. They are also skilled at fighting on the ground, with specific melee weapons and hand-to-hand combat skills

ZINGHAZARD lives in the Dirty Jungle, a once-fertile country that was conquered and converted into a desolate wasteland. Many valuable treasures remained beneath the sand, luring hunters from all over the world. The jungle lords with their paws dirty with sand need to survive and must snatch the resources of other gangs.

Zinghazard 1
Zinghazard 2
Dirty Jungle