Mazk Gang


MAZK GANG is a story about 6 different gangs who compete with each other for power and control over the MAZK LAND.



The wardens of the heavens

The magnificent divine mazk gang has always been putting themselves above others. They hold the most irrational beliefs, tend to look down on others, and do not like to be criticized. They occupy and take over vastly plundered resources from all across the land. They also have outstanding persuasive abilities and are skilled at establishing people's faith. Besides that, they can quickly learn to use a variety of weapons

The METADEVA gang has a small population but has a long life because of the cutting-edge technology used for rejuvenation. They live at the Sky High, a floating land in the sky where numerous resources are gathered and which is considered to be fertile…

Metadeva 1
Metadeva 2
Sky High