Mazk Gang


MAZK GANG is a story about 6 different gangs who compete with each other for power and control over the MAZK LAND.



The demons of the wind alley

They are known for being mischievous, quarrelsome, and impatient. Other gangs call them "Junkie Monkeys". They have high self-esteem and enjoy having fun, which is the one trait that prevents them from following any set pattern. Besides that, they are horrible at working as a group. But they have some advantages. They have the extraordinary ability to sprint on flat ground as well as leap along the sides of buildings. Furthermore, they are experts at using things in their environment as weapons

HANUMAZKS dwell in the Junkyard, which is a dumping area for trash like scrap metal and auto components. These abandoned items are also used to construct their living spaces, as well as supplies and weapons.

And often the Junky monkeys tend to cause chaos to the lords of the jungle. They didn't even know they were stepping into the terror of dirty paws…!

Hanumazk 1
Hanumazk 2