Mazk Gang


MAZK GANG is a story about 6 different gangs who compete with each other for power and control over the MAZK LAND.



Iron wings

The GARUDANGER is generally portrayed as cunning and devious. They are skilled negotiators who are always looking out for their own benefit. If you want to benefit from them, you have to cheat more than them...!

They are experts in aerial maneuvers, with the power to swiftly travel anywhere. Their competence lies in developing weapons using advanced technologies. Also, their weapons are items that they trade with other gangs as well

The Iron Nest, a high-rise steel building, is where they nest. This is an area that combines cutting-edge technology from the #MetaDeva gang's generous resources. That made GARUDANGER are arrogant in power from their connections

Worshipers of Garuda have a close connection with the METADEVA. Therefore, they often clash with the gang that are against the interests of the angels, the Tozagang

Garudanger 1
Garudanger 2
Iron Nest